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Plug Valve


* Zero Leakage, Tight Shut Off

* Lower Torque, Smooth Operation

* Available in Diff. Combination of Body, Disc & Seat.


MOC - CI; WCB; SS304; SS316; Duplex 4A, 5A ,LC2, LF2, LF3.

Pressure Rating - 150#,300#.

Design and Manufacturer: API 599 | BS 5353

Valve Face to Face Dimension : As per Mfg Std.

Thread End Standard Conformity : ASME B 1.20.1

Inspection & Testing: API 598 | EN 12266 - 1

Leakage Clas: CLASS VI ISO - 5208

A plug valve is a type of valve that utilizes a cylindrical or tapered plug with a through-hole as the closing element. The plug can be rotated within the valve body to control the flow of fluid through the valve. Plug valves are commonly used in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, water treatment, and wastewater applications.

Plug valves consist of a cylindrical or tapered plug with a hole or port in the center. The plug is connected to a stem, which is rotated to control the position of the plug and, consequently, the flow of fluid through the valve. When the plug is rotated perpendicular to the flow direction, the valve is closed, and when it is rotated parallel to the flow direction, the valve is fully open

Flow control: Plug valves offer excellent flow control capabilities due to their 360-degree rotation. The position of the plug can be adjusted to allow for precise regulation of the flow rate, including throttling or completely shutting off the flow.

Quick operation: Plug valves are known for their quick opening and closing times. The quarter-turn operation of the valve allows for rapid flow changes, making them suitable for applications that require fast response times.

Simple and compact design: Plug valves have a relatively simple design, consisting of fewer components compared to some other types of valves. This simplicity and compactness make them easy to install and maintain.

Bi-directional flow: Plug valves are designed to allow fluid flow in both directions, providing versatility in installation and operation.

Low-pressure drop: Plug valves offer a low-pressure drop when fully open, which minimizes energy loss and enables efficient flow through the valve.

Sealing capabilities: Plug valves can provide effective sealing when closed, minimizing leakage and preventing fluid loss. The plug, along with appropriate sealing materials, ensures a tight shut-off.


Plug valves are widely used in applications that require efficient flow control, tight shut-off, and quick operation. They are commonly employed in pipelines, refineries, chemical processing plants, and other industrial processes. The versatility, simplicity, and reliability of plug valves make them a popular choice in various industries where flow regulation and isolation are essential

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